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I washed my hands well—at least I thought I did—and sat down to watch a little Project Runway while my chili was boiling away.

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Like, they knew I'd used their house as a masturbation station because I'd suddenly become a sex symbol to their dog.

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We Asked People for Their Most Embarrassing Masturbation Stories

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I thought, what can I do to keep myself awake?

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That night I went to bed—and I didn't have a boner because I was 10 years old and, you know, we don't get many boners at that age—and I got into bed, made a fist and started hitting my flaccid penis with my closed hand.

Description: When I was 10 or 11, my older brother was having a sleepover with a bunch of his buddies. I thought, well that's not for me.

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  2. What's the name of this movie? Does anyone have the full length?

  3. Such a hottie. Already have it, but wonder if she did any other scenes.