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My boyfriend bought us some restraints to try out in the bedroom, I love the sensation of having no control and being totally submissive.

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I had sex with my boyfriends brother Being seduced by my brother in law was one of my favorite moments and I was so desperate to share it here.

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Anal Sex Stories

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Cumming inside of my ass is also a big yes from me, I love the sensation of it and I would even go as far as to say that I have a bit of an anal sex kink.

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This story comes to you via my very good friend Mike, he went on business to Japan and there he met an amazing woman who showed him a magnificent time.

Description: One of my favorite stories that has been written for me by my good friend Samantha. One of my top rated sex stories, we dive into a crumbling marriage and we find the wife seeking comfort in her father in law.

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